• Fuel saving
    Reduced engine wear
    Better cruising speed

Overdrive systems for Rolls Royce Bentley Alvis Chrysler Stutz Packard Toyota Isuzu Chevrolet Hispano Suiza Lagonda

Fitting an overdrive reduces engine revs when cruising speed has been reached, reducing not only fuel consumption but also engine and transmission wear.

We have made overdrive systems for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars for many years.

What Customers Say

I only drove 50 miles on the motorway and I'm totally satisfied with the result

It really transforms the car and it will be a joy to take it on long distance trips. Heinz Schlule - Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club

. . yesterday I made my first tests with the new overdrive for my 4 1/2 litre Bentley and I would like to make you a big, big complement. In the normal speed range she cruises beautifully - absolutely no vibrations!

Dr Volker Burkle, President Deutscher Automobil-Veteranen-Club

May I thank you very much for the unit you returned to me. Leo and I were so impressed with the workmanship that we require you to go ahead with the complete job.

Carla & David Lipscombe, Price Albert

Having driven GKT3 (20/25) and GOK48 (20hp) for many miles with overdrive units fitted, I have found the unit on my 20hp has really transformed the car into a fast, quiet touring vehicle. The extra speed at low revs has not compromised stability or smoothness, and the engineering techniques used by Tim Payne's unit are first class.

Keith Abraham, Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club